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In addition to the state motor vehicle laws prohibiting parking, no operator shall park and no owner shall allow their vehicle to be parked:

A. On a street in excess of an established time limit for parking on such street;

B. Upon a bridge, viaduct or other elevated structure used as a street unless authorized;

C. In an alley other than for the expeditious loading or unloading of persons or materials, but in no case for a period in excess of 30 consecutive minutes;

D. Upon a parkway or freeway, except as authorized;

E. With any of its wheels upon the parking strip;

F. Upon a public right-of-way or on public property for a period in excess of one week (168 hours) without moving to a different location at least two blocks away within each one-week period of time, unless an administrative permit from the City Manager, or designee, is first obtained. (Ord. 2078 §3, 2023)