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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 2068 Annexation 7/11/2022 Special
Ord. 2067 Grants telecommunications franchise 3/28/2022 Special
Ord. 2066 Rezone 3/14/2022 Special
Ord. 2065 Annexation 1/24/2022 Special
Ord. 2064 Repeals and replaces Ch. 12.06, uniform requirements for the users of the city-owned treatment works regarding pretreatment of wastewater 11/8/2021 Codified
Ord. 2063 Amends §§ 1.10.010, 1.10.020(A), 1.10.030 and 2.48.070, emergency operations 7/26/2021 Codified
Ord. 2062 Amends §§ 16.12.020 and 16.12.060, subdivisions 5/10/2021 Codified
Ord. 2061 Adds Ch. 17.25; amends §§ 17.03.010(A), 17.03.020(A), 17.03.030(A) and 17.03.040(A), middle housing development standards 4/26/2021 Codified
Ord. 2060 Repeals and replaces § 2.32.060, personal services contracts 1/11/2021 Codified
Ord. 2059 Amends Ch. 15.16, building permits 1/11/2021 Codified
Ord. 2058 Amends § 12.02.190, alternative water bill payment schedules, disconnection policies and reduction of late payment penalties during an emergency situation 12/14/2020 Codified
Ord. 2057 Rezone 11/9/2020 Special
Ord. 2056 Amends §§ 17.03.040(G), 17.03.050(H) and Ch. 17.24, in-lieu parking fee 10/26/2020 Codified
Ord. 2055 Amends Ch. 5.09, transient lodging tax 8/24/2020 Codified
Ord. 2054 An Ordinance amending Hood River Municipal Code Title 15 (Buildings and Construction) Chapter 15.04 Building Code and repealing Chapter 15.20 Television and Radio Towers 2/10/2020 Codified
Ord. 2053 An Ordinance amending Title 17 (Zoning) Chapter 17.04 (Supplemental Provisions), Chapter 17.09 (Review Procedures), Title 16 (Land Divisions), Chapter 16.08 (General Procedural Requirements for all Land Divisions, Replats, Plat Vacations and Lot Line Adjustments) of the Hood River Municipal Code 1/13/2020 Codified
Ord. 2052 An Ordinance Amending the Hood River Municipal Charter by adding a new Chapter (Chapter 11), Protection of City Parks, and Declaring an Effective Date 11/25/2019 Codified
Ord. 2051 An Ordinance Amending Section 7(B) of the Exclusive Solid Waste Recycling and Organics Collection Service Franchise Agreement with Waste Connections of Oregon, Inc., dba Hood River Garbage Service and Allowing the Imposition of a 2.61% Rate Surcharge on Solid Waste Recycling Customers 7/8/2019 Codified
Ord. 2050 An Ordinance amending Hood River Municipal Code Title 17 (Zoning) Chapter 17.23 Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) 4/22/2019 Codified
Ord. 2049 An Ordinance vacating an unimproved public street right-of-way (8th Street) ~30 feet wide, extending south of Marian Street (~3,140 sf), adjacent Tax Lot 12400 located at 3N 10E 36BC, and retaining an easement over the eastern 15 feet (Patricia Moles) 5/13/2019 Codified
Ord. 2048 An Ordinance Approving a Quasi-judicial Zone Change from OS/PF to R-3 for Parcel (3N 10E 26DB, Tax Lot 700) – Morrison Park, with Conditions. 4/22/2019 Codified
Ord. 2047 An Ordinance Amending Title 9 (Public Peace Morals and Welfare), Chapter 36 (Weapons and Fireworks) of the Hood River Municipal Code by Limiting the Time Within Which Fireworks May Lawfully be Discharged in the City of Hood River. 11/26/2018 Codified
Ord. 2046 NOT PASSED Codified
Ord. 2045 Annexation 7/23/2018 Codified
Ord. 2044 An Ordinance Amending Title 2 (Administration and Personnel), Chapter 2.32 (Public Contracting), Section 2.32.030 (Public Contracts for Goods and Services), Section 2.32.040 (Public Improvement Contracts), and Section 2.32.060 (Personal Services Contracts) of the Hood River Municipal Code to Increase the Threshold Limits for Certain Public Contracts and the Procedures Required Therefore. 9/25/2017 Codified