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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 2021-15 A Resolution Establishing a Parks Capital Improvement Plan and Associated Policies 10/25/2021 Special
Res. 2021-14 A Resolution Authorizing Payment Of A Stipend To Reimburse Actual Costs Incurred By Volunteer Members Of City Public Bodies To Attend Assigned Public Meetings 9/27/2021 Special
Res. 2021-13 A Resolution Suspending Enterprise Zone Employment Requirements Otherwise Improved on Authorized Business Firms 9/13/2021 Special
Res. 2021-12 A Resolution Amending Resolution 2021-04 y revising the monthly rate for the City’s Stormwater Utility from $7.86 to $7.22 per Equivalent Dwelling Unit per Month, and giving the amended utility rate retroactive effect to July 1, 2021 8/9/2021 Special
Res. 2021-11 A Resolution Ratifying the City Manager’s Declaration of Emergency Pursuant to HRMC 2.48.050 and ORS 401.309, Authorizing the City Manager to Respond to Extreme Weather Conditions 7/12/2021 Special
Res. 2021-10 A Resolution Adopting a Supplemental Budget for Fiscal Year 2021-21 for the City of Hood River 6/28/2021 Special
Res. 2021-09 A Resolution Continuing the City of Hood River’s Participation in the Cascade Locks/Hood River Enterprise Zone 6/28/2021 Special
Res. 2021-08 A Resolution Exercising the Power of Eminent Domain 6/28/2021 Special
Res. 2021-07 A Resolution Declaring the City’s Election to Receive State Revenues 6/14/2021 Special
Res. 2021-06 A Resolution Adopting the FY2021-22 Budget 6/14/2021 Special
Res. 2021-05 A Resolution Adopting a Supplemental Budget for Fiscal Year 2020-21 for the City of Hood River 5/10/2021 Special
Res. 2021-04 A Resolution adopting a new monthly rate schedule for Water, Sewer, and Stormwater utility customers and repealing all prior water rate schedules and resolutions 4/12/2021 Special
Res. 2021-03 A Resolution adopting a Consolidated Schedule of Fees, rates, and Charges for all city services, permits and applications 2/22/2021 Special
Res. 2021-02 A Resolution of the City of Hood River, Oregon Authorizing a loan from DEQ and Related Matters 1/11/2021 Special
Res. 2021-01 A Resolution Adopting a Supplementals Budget for Fiscal year 2020-21 for the City of Hood River 1/11/2021 Special
Res. 2020-22 Resolution Canvassing Results Of The General Election For Mayor And Council Positions Held In The City Of Hood River, Oregon On November 3, 2020 12/14/2020 Special
Res. 2020-21 Resolution for Inclusion under the State of Oregon Deferred Compensation Plan 11/9/2020 Special
Res. 2020-20 A Resolution Adopting a Supplemental budget for Fiscal Year 2020-21 for the City of Hood River 11/9/2020 Special
Res. 2020-19 Indigenous Peoples Day 10/13/2020 Special
Res. 2020-18 A Resolution Revising the “In Lieu Parking Fee” for uses in the Central Business District, Waterfront Business District and the Heights Business District collected pursuant to HRMC Chapter 17.24. 10/26/2020 Special
Res. 2020-17 A Resolution Exercising the Power of Eminent Domain Right of Way Services. 10/13/2020 Special
Res. 2020-16 A Resolution of city of Hood River, Authorizing the Issuance of Full Faith and Credit Bonds for a Total of not to Exceed $5,526,215 and Providing for Publication of Notice. 10/13/2020 Special
Res. 2020-15 A resolution directing the allocation of locally allocated CARES Act Funding. 8/31/2020 Special
Res. 2020-14 Resolution Accepting the Hood River Area Multi-Jurisdictional Parks, Recreation & Open Space “Parks Plan for All” to inform the City’s parks planning efforts 8/24/2020 Special
Res. 2020-13 Resolution for Racial and Social Equity within the City of Hood River 7/27/2020 Special